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  • WebLearn upgrade

  • Introducing Sakai 11

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Benefits of WebLearn 11

    • Updated, modern look-and-feel
    • Responsive user interface for easy access and viewing across all devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones
    • A redesigned 'Sites' tab (formerly 'My Sites') which enables you to organise and 'favourite' your most-used sites, providing 'one-click' access from the main menu bar
    • New-look Lessons tool, including multiple column, grid-style layout to reduce the need for scrolling
    • Improved Gradebook tool, with direct spreadsheet-style entry of marks, automatic saving and data validation, and student summary view
    • Anonymous posting to the Forums tool
    • Improved HTML editor, including 'auto-save' facility, LaTeX mathematical notation and new file browser
    • Support for LTI (version 2) and LTI Content Item (for enhanced functionality with third-party plug-in tools)
    • Latest underlying software support (Java and Tomcat) according to industry standards
  • Known Issues

    The following are known issues:

    • there seems to be an intermittent problem with Windows 10 when trying to map a network drive to a WebLearn site using WebDAV – therefore, if you are using Windows 10 we recommend you use a (free) WebDAV client such as Cyberduck or WinSCP
    • some of the less well-used tools (for example, Tests and the Researcher Training Tool) are not yet optimised for display on a mobile phones - this will be addressed in due course

    Please email if you come across any other issues.

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