Checking My Status on a Course

This only applies to courses that can be booked in this tool - this means courses offered by Social Sciences and MPLS.

Click on My Courses at the top of the Course Signup page.

A list of Courses you have applied for is displayed including your status: either PENDING, ACCEPTED, APPROVED, CONFIRMED, WITHDRAWN or REJECTED. You can use the filters on the header to sort your courses by course, by supervisor, and by status.

  1. PENDING This status indicates you have applied for the course and are waiting for confirmation from the Course Administrator.

  2. ACCEPTED Once a Course Administrator has confirmed your signup the status for this course will change to accepted.

  3. APPROVED When a Course Administrator has accepted you onto the course, an email is sent to your supervisor. Once he or she has approved your attendance on the course, the status will change to approved.

  4. CONFIRMED This is the top level of the approval process and your sign-up will change to confirmed once the process has been completed.

  5. WAITING This status means that you have signed-up on the course waiting list and you will be informed by the Course Administrator when a place becomes available.

  6. WITHDRAWN In this screen you have the option to withdraw from a course. By clicking the withdraw link on the far right of the course you will be withdrawn from the course.

  7. REJECTED If your supervisor does not think you should attend the course they will reject your request. You will be sent an email indicating this but your status will also change to rejected by the course. A Course Administrator may also wish to reject you before the supervisor approval stage and again you will be notified by email.