Browsing / Searching for a Course

There are four ways to find courses. You may: Search Courses, Browse by Department, Browse by Calendar (date), or Search by Vitae RDF Domains and Subdomain.

Search Courses

It is possible to search for a course by title, department, skill category and so on. To start, click Search Courses on the Home page or in the navigation menu at the top of the page. The resultant page will display a search box.

To search:

  1. Enter the required search term and click Search, if you do not enter a term, then all upcoming courses are listed. You can refine your search later.
  2. The search results page lists 10 courses at a time. To find out more about a course, click on the 'More details' button.
  3. To refine the results, click on a search facet in the right-hand side column. you can filter on: Department, Skills Category, Research Method (if appropriate), Delivery Method and RDF Domain and Sub-domain.
  4. Old courses can also be browsed which will give an indication of what courses may be run again in the future.
  5. It is possible to widen filtered search results by removing one or more of the selected facets. To do this, click on the desired facet under 'Current Selection' in the area above the list of search results.

Browse by Department

Click Browse by Department on the Home page or in the navigation menu at the top of the page. The resultant page will display a list of training providers. To browse the courses:

  1. Click on the unit of interest, you may see a list of courses or a further list of units. Keep going until you find a list of courses from the desired unit.
  2. MPLS and Social Sciences courses are colour coded; this is not the case for other training providers. Courses in green are available for sign up, courses in black are not available for sign up and those in red are already full. (Courses in green also contain the number of days left before the course is closed for signup.)
  3. Click on an individual Course in the navigation tree to display the corresponding Course information on the right.
  4. Click the signup button or hyperlink if you wish to sign up for the course.

Browse by Calendar

Click Browse by Calendar on the Home page or in the navigation menu to see a list of upcoming courses ordered by starting date. Note the link to 'courses without dates' (which includes on-line resources).

  1. The list may be filtered by training provider. Select a provider from the drop-down list at the head of the table of courses and then click on the Filter button.
  2. The status column shows if a course is open for signup, is not yet available, has closed, or is full
  3. Click on the title of a course to view the course details and signup (if available).

Search by Vitae RDF Domains and Subdomain

Click Researcher Development on the Home page or in the navigation menu. At the top of the resultant page you will find some explanatory notes which explain about the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

The so-called 'RDF Wheel' is interactive: you may click on a domain or sub-domain and see a list of course that may be relevant to the particular skill area. The resultant search results page can be used as described above in the 'Search Courses' section.