wiki (xml)

Provides a set of RESTful endpoints for retrieving wiki pages.
HTTP response codes as returned by the system:
200 - OK (request is ok and content returned)
201 - CREATED (request created new content, URL and id of content in the header)
204 - NO CONTENT (request is ok but no content to return)
400 - ERROR (general error in the request, probably invalid parameters or data)
401 - UNAUTHORIZED (user authentication required for this request)
403 - FORBIDDEN (authorization required, insufficient privileges, user is already authenticated)
404 - NOT FOUND (resource not found, URL is invalid in some way, id or action are invalid)
405 - METHOD NOT ALLOWED (the method is not supported for this entity type)
406 - NOT ACCEPTABLE (the data format requested is unavailable for this entity type)
500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (general server failure, probably a failure in the provider)
501 - NOT IMPLEMENTED (indicates that a prefix is invalid)

Custom Actions

site : list (GET) : [/wiki/site] (json) (xml)
Using the first form of URL, retrieves a graph of pages, identified by page name ('Home' for example), for a given site id as specified in the path.
Example URL: /direct/wiki/site/SITEID.json
The second valid URL form retrieves a particular page using a page name as returned in the site's page graph.
Example URL: /direct/wiki/site/SITEID/page/PAGENAME.json

All returned urls are url encoded.

Data and Request Handling

Output formats : json, xml
Input formats : No formats allowed
No Access Provider registered for request processing



REST:: 1.0.1 SVN: $Revision$ : $Date$