simple-signup (xml)

A simplified entity provider for the Signup tool
HTTP response codes as returned by the system:
200 - OK (request is ok and content returned)
201 - CREATED (request created new content, URL and id of content in the header)
204 - NO CONTENT (request is ok but no content to return)
400 - ERROR (general error in the request, probably invalid parameters or data)
401 - UNAUTHORIZED (user authentication required for this request)
403 - FORBIDDEN (authorization required, insufficient privileges, user is already authenticated)
404 - NOT FOUND (resource not found, URL is invalid in some way, id or action are invalid)
405 - METHOD NOT ALLOWED (the method is not supported for this entity type)
406 - NOT ACCEPTABLE (the data format requested is unavailable for this entity type)
500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (general server failure, probably a failure in the provider)
501 - NOT IMPLEMENTED (indicates that a prefix is invalid)

Sample Entity URLs (_id=':ID:') [may not be valid]:

Create Entity URL: POST /simple-signup
Response Code Details: 201 plus id (EntityId); 400 if inputs invalid
(POST) Create a new signup meeting event from a simplified object. Assumes a lot of default configuration to cut down on the data that needs to be sent.
Show Entity URL: GET /simple-signup/:ID: (json)
Response Code Details: 200 plus data; 404 if not found, 406 if format unavailable
(GET) Retrieve a signup meeting as a simplified object.

Entity class : org.sakaiproject.signup.extensions.simple.SimpleSignupMeeting

Type :: bean
Name Type Status
1) categorystringRead/Write
2) descriptionstringRead/Write
3) emailDescriptionstringRead/Write
4) endTimestringRead/Write
5) locationstringRead/Write
6) participantsjava.util.ListRead/Write
7) signupBeginsstringRead/Write
8) signupDeadlinestringRead/Write
9) siteIdstringRead/Write
10) startTimestringRead/Write
11) titlestringRead/Write

Data and Request Handling

Output formats : json
Input formats : json
No Access Provider registered for request processing



REST:: 1.0.1 SVN: $Revision$ : $Date$