polls (xml)

Represents polls, options (choices), and votes of the poll tool.
RESTful URLs: http://microformats.org/wiki/rest/urls
HTTP response codes as returned by the system:
200 - OK (request is ok and content returned)
201 - CREATED (request created new content, URL and id of content in the header)
204 - NO CONTENT (request is ok but no content to return)
400 - ERROR (general error in the request, probably invalid parameters or data)
401 - UNAUTHORIZED (user authentication required for this request)
403 - FORBIDDEN (authorization required, insufficient privileges, user is already authenticated)
404 - NOT FOUND (resource not found, URL is invalid in some way, id or action are invalid)
405 - METHOD NOT ALLOWED (the method is not supported for this entity type)
406 - NOT ACCEPTABLE (the data format requested is unavailable for this entity type)
500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (general server failure, probably a failure in the provider)
501 - NOT IMPLEMENTED (indicates that a prefix is invalid)

Custom Actions

option-create : new (POST) : [/polls/option-create]
Creates an new option (choice) in a poll
poll-view : show (GET) : [/polls/:ID:/poll-view] (xml) (json)
Gets a single poll by the pollId (the long, not the UUID string), returns only the poll itself by default, add in the options using 'includeOptions' (boolean), add in the votes using 'includeVotes' (boolean)
vote-view : show (GET) : [/polls/:ID:/vote-view] (xml) (json)
Gets a vote for a specific poll
vote-create : new (POST) : [/polls/vote-create]
Vote for a specific poll
vote-list : list (GET) : [/polls/vote-list] (xml) (json)
Gets all the votes for a specific poll
poll-create : new (POST) : [/polls/poll-create]
Creates a new poll
poll-update : edit (PUT) : [/polls/:ID:/poll-update]
Updates an existing poll by the pollId (the long, not the UUID string)
poll-option-list : show (GET) : [/polls/:ID:/poll-option-list] (xml) (json)
Gets all the options for a specific poll
my : list (GET) : [/polls/my] (xml) (json)
Gets all the polls that the current user can take in all sites, limit to a specific site using 'siteId' or 'siteReference', switch to the polls a user can control (administrate) using 'admin' (boolean) set to true
option-update : edit (PUT) : [/polls/:ID:/option-update]
Updates an option (choice) in a poll
site : list (GET) : [/polls/site] (xml) (json)
Gets all the polls the current user can take in the given site
option-delete : show (GET) : [/polls/:ID:/option-delete] (xml) (json)
an option (choice) in a poll
poll-delete : show (GET) : [/polls/:ID:/poll-delete] (xml) (json)
Deletes an existing poll by the pollId (the long, not the UUID string)
vote : new (POST) : [/polls/vote]
Vote for a specific poll
option-view : show (GET) : [/polls/:ID:/option-view] (xml) (json)
Gets an option (choice) in a poll

Data and Request Handling

Output formats : xml, json
Input formats : No formats allowed
No Access Provider registered for request processing



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