Username and password details for licensed electronic resources provided by the University of Oxford

Please look up the username and password you require below. These details are regularly changed - please check this page for updates.

    * These details are supplied for academic use only
    * You may not pass these details on to anyone else

if you have any queries please contact

AIC Membership including AIC News and Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (e-Journals)

Password: AICN3ws

Akkadica (e-Journal)

Username: akka20
Password: Girsu

American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA)

Including: ACSAA bulletin; ACSAA newsletter; ACSAA bibliography of South Asian art

Password: sacklibrary2019!!

Association for Language Learning (ALL)

Password: 4bsc0nd18

Austrian economic quarterly (e-Journal)

Username: wifo12648
Password: W9MAXyHn:

Banque des Mots, La

Username: BM535
Password: 535BM

Ben-Gurion Archives

Username: arcbg926
Password: oxfordlib

Bibliotheca Iuris Antiqui (BIA) on CD-ROM

Only available in the Bodleian Law Library.
Please ask at the Law Library enquiry desk.

Biblioteca Riviste (De Jure)

username: univo6772
password: 5APXAU

British Journal of Community Justice (e-Journal)

Username: oxford
Password: oxford

British National Corpus (

License password: bnc123ox

Bulletin de la Société française d'égyptologie (BSFE)

(click on Member's Area tab)

Username: 1321
Password: PARIS

Canadian Geographic (

Password: APHd87fH

Child Poverty Action Group

Username: Bodleianssl
Password: Bodleian3UQ

Complete Anatomy

Student Plus Activation Code:  (ROAC62H84V9O) 

Download the free version of Complete Anatomy to a compatible device
Launch the app and complete our in-app registration using your university email address.
After registration, enter the unique library activation code into the redeem code area (Open Settings, My Account) of Complete Anatomy. Your license will be unlocked.
Once unlocked, Complete Anatomy can be used on or off campus for the duration of the institutional subscription.

Critical Interventions

Username: SackLib
Password: SackLib

Czech Music Quarterly


Password: oxford

Dalloz Codes Online (selected titles)

Password: lawlibrary

De Jure

username: univo6772
password: 5APXAU

Diapason, The (e-Journal)

password: D1apas0n!

Diccionario Biográfico Electrónico (DBE)

Username: Bodleian Libraries
Password: BodleianOx2020

Directory (American Musicological Society)

Volume 2017 password: AMSDirectory2017

Dissent (e-Journal)

Password: tGm1Gd£gR

Document Summary Service (University of Bristol Graduate School of Education)

Subscriber access code: 075C24BB


Password: 7rEvSGya

Education Journal

Username: boxEJ0014
Password: A9005

Electronic Law Companion (Funmi Quadri)

Username: oxford
Password: oxford

European Audiovisual Observatory Yearbook

Password: oxford_eao

Euro Cases

Username: Oxford1
Password: LawLibrary1
Username: Oxford2
Password: LawLibrary2
Username: Oxford3
Password: LawLibrary3
Username: Oxford4
Password: LawLibrary4


Username: oxford
Password: eurotort
Please Note: Popup blockers need to be disabled for the site to work

Financial Times (

URL for registration:

Geographical Association (for Geography and Teaching Geography)

Username: 53256
Password: Bruner2020

Harmonized System Database

Username:        eresources
Password:        ERes454545))

Heritage of the Printed Book

Username: CERL9889
Password: 1O3e

History of Medicine

Username: histmed
Password: 1234567

History Today and History Review (e-Journals)

Username: Bodleian Libraries

Password: history123


User name:
Password: Library
Email: your University e-mail address

IADA bulletin board

Issues of IADA bulletin board are included as part of the IADA Email Campaign Archive.


Username: oxford
Password: indiaoxford@123

International Journal of Advertising (e-Journal)

Username: IJOA2998
Password: TWAQ6E

International Studies in Educational Administration (e-Journal)

Password: Bodleian

International Tables for Crystallography (International Union of Crystallography)

Username: Oxford2ITO
Password: 30ef9393

Irish Arts Review [Digital Archive]

Including: Irish Arts Review (1984-1987); Irish Arts Review Yearbook; Irish Arts Review (2002-)

Password: 1441

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (e-Journal)

See AIC Membership

Journal of Comparative Family Studies

Username: jcfs0351
Password: jcfs0351

Kyiv Post

Password: KPdig6g5qwhjf

Landscan Global Population Database

Username: drof444ih
Password: ytis9u41

LawAfrica Law Reports

Password: lawlibrary

Lexis 360

First visit registration procedure. Click on the Se connecter link near top right corner. Click « Créer un profil maintenant » bottom of right hand column & follow instructions. It is essential that the email you enter is your Oxford college email eg In the «Code d'accès (Votre identifiant)» box enter your Create your own password. Once you have refined your location preferences via the drop down options and clicked «Soumettre» you should be logged on – hover over the user icon near top right corner & your name should appear. 
Subsequent access. Sign in via the ID and Password option. Your «Code d'accès (Votre identifiant)» is your; your «Mot de passé» is whatever you chose.

Lloyds Law Reports / LMCLQ

User name:
Password: Library
Email: your University e-mail address

Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law

Username: AB10001834
Password: Y7F3VVKZfu


Please use one username and password set from the options. If it does not work please try the other. Each allows single user access only - so please remember to log off properly when you have finished your session in Manupatra.

Username: oxford
Password: lawlibrary14

Username: lawlibox
Password: lawlibrary17


MedDRA ID: 16711
Password: zat5cKaS
CRID: z5kaMxnK
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 24.0: BNY&2a$P
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 23.1: C7RAH$e#
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 23.0: N$27aGTP
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 22.1: RKeDFH@!
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 22.0: EmCJU@#$
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 21.1: E2#bM5$J
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 21.0 (all languages except Japanese): EUC$8r9F
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 21.0 Japanese: JaP$8aMB
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 20.1 (all languages except Japanese): EVHDaG5B
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 20.1 Japanese: JMedVTRK
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 20.0 (all languages except Japanese): ENY7MedT
Unzip Password for MedDRA version 20.0 Japanese: JaFR7LPY

Militant Leadership Monitor (MLM), via the Jamestown Foundation

Username: eresources
Password: eNVge1KsrrxSE!*ekvKd3Jk0

Mobile Coverage Explorer

Please email to request access to this resource.  You will then be sent a link from which you can download this content. 

Please note: You may not, directly or indirectly, through an affiliate or third party, compare or combine the Coverage Data with any mobile network coverage data provided by any third party without the prior written consent of Collins Bartholomew and the GSMA

Passwords for Password protected files:

Mobile Coverage Legacy WGS84 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201112 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201212 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201312 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201412 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201512 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201612 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201712 - ESRI SHAPE

Mobile Coverage Explorer WGS84 v201812 - ESRI SHAPE

Monatsberichte des Österreichisches Institutes für Wirtschaftsforschung (e-Journal)

Username: wifo12648
Password: W9MAXyHn

National Interest (e-Journal)

Password: 123456


Username: lawlibrary

Password: oxford

New Eastern Europe

Password: 6NHTRY@sW8Jojd&x

Official Publications Online

Username: bodleianll
Password: bllopo356

Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence

Please use one username and password set from below. If it does not work please choose a different set.

Username: oxford2 Password: bod276
Username: oxford3 Password: bod187
Username: oxford4 Password: bod543
Username: oxford5 Password: bod056

Operant Subjectivity

Username: oxfuniI4S    (the 7th character is capital i)
Password: ISSSS2016q   (the 1st character is capital i)


Username : Bodleian
Password : abc123

PATSTAT Online (Patent Information Services for Experts)

Username :
Password : OC9#kVV59@c0

Price Guide to Irish Art Sales

Subscriber number: 1441

Privacy Laws and Business

password: B0dL4w*19

Prowessdx (CMIE)

username: universityofoxford
password: 58646fb0

RE today (e-Journal)

Username: 63417
Password: Bodleian1!

RefWorks Group Code

Group Code for Oxford Users wishing to use RefWorks from outside the Oxford Internet Domain: oxymoron

Retail Insight (formerly Planet Retail)

This resource requires you to register before use. Please follow the link below.


Review of Business and Economic Literature

Username: AB12000903
Password: b1eV2MiTbn

Revista General de Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social (e-Journal)

Username: casalini
Password: libri

Please click on "descontectar" when logging off.

Review of Agrarian Studies

Password: ManorRoad

Revue trimestrielle des droits de l'homme

Username: 8346_37567-1
Password: rAz9zZGwkZ

Access to this journal is limited to one user at a time, so please log out when you have finished.

Scopus access via Papers

Institutional Account ID: 10360

Shakespeare's Words

Access code: 342-D70-99F

You will need to register with an individual account (need to enter a username and password). Click on My Tickets. Click on 'Renew extend or use code'. Type the access code into 'I have a code' field (not case sensitive). Click Submit code. At the end of the session, please log out.

Silvae Genetica (e-Journal)

Username: silvae11
Password: depo_2011

Società Filologica Friulana

Including: Ce fastu?; Sot la Nape; Strolic Furlan

Password: RivSFF18

Il Sole 24 Ore

password: oxford123

Supreme Court Cases (India) - SCC online

Click Login – and make sure the IP Login option is showing on the window which opens. Click Register here link. On the New User Registration form please enter your Oxford faculty or institute email as Your Login ID

Tax Notes Today Federal and Tax Notes International

Initial registration must be done while on the OU network/within Oxford University’s IP range eg using Bodleian Libraries wifi not Eduroam.
On the Sign In screen put your Oxford law email - - into the empty box. Click Next. (ignore the “Forgot/No password?” link.)  Click “New Oxford University Library Service User? Register Here”and follow instructions. 

TDM and Oil, Gas, Energy, Mining Infrastructure and Investment Disputes

Please use one username and password set from below. If it does not work please choose a different set.

Username: oxford2 Password: bod276
Username: oxford3 Password: bod187
Username: oxford4 Password: bod543
Username: oxford5 Password: bod056

Theologische Literaturzeitung (e-journal)

Username: 2801548


Username: TRAJ127721

Password: yRa15127

Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits (CPAG)

username: BodleianOX

password: welfare101

Wood and Fiber Science

username: 000551

password: 000551

(The username and password are the same)

World Robotics

Username: Oxford University
Password: Xuf16-yO

ZKF. Zeitschrift für Kommunalfinanzen

Password: stotax

After logging in, select "Zeitschriften" then "ZKF". Please log out when finished as access is available to only one user at a time.