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Paper IV


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Paper V/ii


Introduction to German Linguistics

Students planning to offer German V/ii need to attend the two-term lecture series entitled ‘Introduction to German Linguistics’. These lectures, given in MT and HT, examine the linguistic structure of German, seeking to shed light on the knowledge that enables speakers of German to comprehend and produce their language. While focused on German, the series serves as a general introduction to theoretical linguistics: it introduces key concepts and findings in the study of language, and demonstrates principles of linguistic methodology and argumentation.

MT 2019: Foundations

HT 2020: Extensions


Advanced Topics in German(ic) Linguistics

This lecture series discusses and introduces students who possess some background in linguistics to more advanced topics in different sub-fields of linguistics. The topics covered are relevant in the study of German and Germanic more widely and link to current theoretical debates.

MT 2019 Lecture Outline

Week 1

The Syntactic Structure of Nominals: NP or DP?



Salzmann, Martin. 2017. Revisiting the NP vs. DP debate. Ms., University of Leipzig, available at


Week 2

Functional Categories in the Nominal Domain



Punske, Jeffrey. 2014. Functional structure inside nominal phrases. In Andrew Carnie, Yosuke Sato & Dan Siddiqi (eds.), The Routledge handbook of syntax, 65-88. London: Routledge.


Week 3

Head Movement



Roberts, Ian. 2011. Head movement and the Minimalist Program. In Cedric Boeckx (ed.), The Oxford handbook of linguistic minimalism, 195-219. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Week 4

The Charlemagne Sprachbund



Haspelmath, Martin. 2001. The European linguistic area: Standard Average European. In Martin Haspelmath, Ekkehard König, Wulf Oesterreicher & Wolfgang Raible (eds.), Language typology and language universals: An international handbook, vol. 2, 1492-1510. Berlin: de Gruyter.


Week 5

The Periphrastic Perfect with Have


Drinka, Bridget. 2017. Areal factors in the development of the European periphrastic perfect. Word 54.1, 1-38.


Week 6

Event Structure and Verbal Decomposition



Ramchand, Gillian. 2017. The event domain. In Roberta D’Alessandro, Irene Franco & Ángel J. Gallego (eds.), The verbal domain, 233-254. Oxford: Oxford University Press.