Version 2.6-ox4.0 of WebLearn was released on Tuesday July 20th 2010.

An upgrade was successfully completed on Tuesday the 20th of July 2010. The service was unavailable for a few minutes between 8 and 8.30am.


Bug Fixes

All these bug fixes are for 'Survey Beta' (aka 'Evaluations')

Deprecated Tools

Two tools, 'Blogger' and 'Presentations' will soon not be supported by the Sakai community therefore we have taken the decision to remove them from the tools list. Both tools will still continue to work but no new instances can be added. They will be removed when we move to WebLearn version 2.7-ox1 sometime next year (2011).

Both 'Blogger' and 'Presentations' were listed as 'Secondary Tools' in the WebLearn Service Level Description.