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Web apps for staff and students

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Web App: For: Description:
Lecture Feedback Form | Recorded lecture feedback form 2015-16 Students only Give feedback on your lectures
Expenses Staff only Apply for conference and research expenses
Year Abroad Student Database Staff and students Staff - view year abroad entries
Students - enter year abroad information
Registers Staff only All staff - view attendance/mark data for Italian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese language classes
Sub-faculty staff with appropriate permissions - update attendance/mark data
Signup Staff and students Staff - create and manage courses/tutorials
Students - sign up for / withdraw from courses/tutorials
Tutorial Planner Staff only Advertise your availability to teach tutorials in a given subject, in a given term and year.
Request another staff member to tutor named students in a given subject, in a given term and year.
NOTE: System currently set up for French and German only. Contact Webmaster to set up for your sub-faculty.
Graduate Register of Teaching Staff only All staff can view the Graduate Register; authorised users can update it.
Faculty Risk Assessment Form (not for Year Abroad) Staff and students To be used for University recognised travel arrangements