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The Year Abroad in Spain

YEAR ABROAD PRESENTATION (details from 2nd-year information session)

Students who intend to spend all or part of their Year Abroad in Spain and/or another Spanish-speaking location are first advised to consult the French Year Abroad web-site on a range of issues that apply across all the major languages taught in our Faculty. 

'Acuerdo de práctica' (equivalent to the French 'Convention de Stage')

 Acuerdo de práctica.pdf

It is your responsibility (after consulting, where necessary, with your prospective employer) to fill out all the form in its entirety, including headings 1 and 4, and to sign at the bottom. You then need to take or to send the form to Ms Catherine Pillonel, Faculty Year Abroad Officer, 41 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JF. She will ensure that the form is signed and stamped on behalf of the University and return it to you. The acuerdo de práctica will be valid only once it has also been signed by the employer. When this has been done, please send a copy of the acuerdo de práctica to the Faculty Year Abroad Office - and don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself!

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Year Abroad contacts in Spain and Spanish America (selective)


Starting in October 2008, candidates for British Council English Language Assistantships are required to apply online, via www.languageassistant.co.uk. Your tutors will require completed sets of forms well ahead of the official deadline, for timely submissions to the Council.

See also www.fco.gov.uk

An important and indeed vital sourse of information covering security and health is our won Foreign and Commonwealth Office. See www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad. Examples of countries that you would wish to 'check out' are Argentina and Cuba.



Universidad de Guanajuato has a course designed for foreign students, that Beth Mcleod (New College finalist in 2004-5) found rewarding. Website: www.ugto.mx  Also at Guanajuato, see Don Quijote below.



There are several general websites that you can log on to. For example, www.universia.es/contenidos/internacionales/estudiar

At Universidad de la Coruña, an academic contact known to Prof. Fiddian and others is Prof. Antonio de toro (English Lit.) His e-address is: artosa@udc.es

At Universidad de Granada, a certain Inmaculada Roldan helped one of our students enrol on a language course in the mid-2000s. The e-address of this administrative officer is inmaculada.roldan@riletras.ugr.es. You can check the website for more information.

Universidad de Salamanca has a department of 'Relaciones internacionales', e-address rrii@usal.es. There is a separate e-address for courses: internat@cursos.rec.usal.es.

At Santiago de compostela, one of our students attended a course on history of art and provided the e-address hasec@usc.es.

At Universidad de Sevilla, Dr Griffin knows and recommends Rafael Wagner:relint11@us.es. RW is in charge of international relations at that university.

In Valencia, there are two individuals who have assisted Oxford student in the past. They are: jorge.catala@uv.es and isabel.lopez@uv.es; both are in the Faculty of History and Geography and have ties with International Relations.

In Spain, and in Mexico and Peru, the Fundación Don Quijote has several centres and courses. Anna Wax (finalist at St Hugh's in 2004-05) recommended this outfit. Go to dquk@donquijote.org. The web address is www.donquijote.org. A finalist at Wadham in 2008 recommended Salminter, in Salamanca, which accommodates language students with local families: go to www.salminter.com.

Spanish Erasmus Exchange

Call for Applications for the Spanish Erasmus Exchange 2015-16 (University of Oxford / Universidad de Salamanca)
The Sub-Faculty of Spanish seeks applications from students of Spanish who wish to study at the Universidad de Salamanca during the Year Abroad. Five places will be available for the academic year 2015-16. Please see further details: Spanish Erasmus Exchange and application form
[N.B. the deadline for submission will be Monday 17th November 2014].

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Year Abroad Database

Students would do well to contact fellow members of their college(s) who have just returned from spending their Year Abroad in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country, and pick their brains for useful tips and information (Year Abroad Database)