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What's On http://www.mod-langs.ox.ac.uk/nownext/ This webpage shows what lectures/classes are due in a lecture room today on an hourly basis.
Lecture Calendar http://www.mod-langs.ox.ac.uk/mml_apps/lectures/ The Lecture Calendar contains lecture information that can be selected by week, taught language and imported into Google, Microsoft Outlook or other third party calendars. A subscription to an iCal feed means that event data in your calendar is kept up-to-date automatically whenever any data changes in the calendar you have subscribed to. How to subscribe to the Lecture Calendar
Latest Lecture List

Lecture List TT19 (.pdf)         LAST UPDATED: 14 June 2019

Room Allocation Chart

Room Allocation Chart TT19 (.pdf)          LAST UPDATED: 14 June 2019


Lecture Feedback Forms

As soon as you have finished attending a lecture series, please take a moment to fill in the online Lecture Feedback Questionnaire here: https://hermes2.mml.ox.ac.uk/lectures/index.php

Advance Lecture Notices

French French Lecture Blurbs Trinity Term 2019

Trinity Term 2019 Russian FH 1st Year Essay Classes
Trinity Term 2019 Russian Finalists Essay Classes

Trinity Term 2019 Russian Prose Classes