Using WebLearn and Nexus together to organise meetings

The WebLearn and Nexus systems can be used together to help organise lectures, tutorials and practical sessions more efficiently. Here we describe how a department can plan their use of WebLearn and Nexus tools to help students and staff save time. To do this in your department we recommend stepping through the following process:

  1. Define the scope of the processes you want to focus on
  2. Write down the requirements of each of the main actors that need to contribute to the process
  3. Describe the activities each actor needs to complete
  4. Map when each actor needs to complete each activity
  5. Decide exactly how to use WebLearn and Nexus tools

We have used this approach to show how to use WebLearn and Nexus to organise tutorials, lectures and practical sessions.

We have also documented how we implemented this solution in the Biological Sciences undergraduate degree programme.