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  1. arrowsHow to create a new site based on a WebLearn template
  2. speakerHow to create audio feedback
  3. music noteHow to use Audacity – short simple guide to editing in Audacity
  4. rss iconHow to use RSS to integrate Oxford podcasts in WebLearn
  5. tickHow to check a website for basic accessibility
  6. images iconHow to find and use images legally
  7. compression iconHow to compress image file sizes
  8. pdfHow to create PDF files
  9. lightbulbHow to create content using eXe
  10. phoneStudents: How to use WebLearn via Mobile Oxford
  11. phoneStaff: How to use WebLearn via Mobile Oxford
  12. stopHow to manage your sites at the end of the academic year
  13. calendarHow to subscribe to your WebLearn calendar
  14. calendarHow to display a Google calendar in WebLearn
  15. groupHow to collaboratively author Course Handbooks
  16. arrowsHow to add a Twitter timeline to an HTML page
  17. Turnitin logoHow to navigate a Turnitin Originality Report (Univ of Salford, Manchester)
  18. pagesHow to create a Turnitin assignment for draft essays
  19. compression iconHow to compress large videos using Handbrake