Local WebLearn Coordinators

WebLearn Presence

To establish a presence in new WebLearn, the Head of a Department or College needs to authorise one or more people to become Local WebLearn Coordinators. The Request for an Administration Site form needs to be completed, signed by the Head of Department/College and returned to IT Services.

Administration Sites

As the Local WebLearn Coordinator, you require an Administration Site to control the unit's presence on WebLearn and grant permissions to users to create their own sites. You will be able to manage and create regular sites for your unit and grant similar privileges to other users, for example, academic or administration staff will contact you either to request a new WebLearn site, or to ask to be added to the Administration Site so that they can create their own sites.

Diagram of WebLearn admin and other sites

Once you have an Administration Site, it is worth consulting with colleagues and deciding on a mutually agreed structure for consistency; for example, information could be provided by year, by course, or by tutor: there are a number of options. IT Services is happy to offer advice on good practice in this area – contact weblearn@it.ox.ac.uk.

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