Jinnah and the Making of Pakistan, c. 1920-1947

(class leader: Dr Faisal Devji)

By focussing on Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his leadership of the Muslim League from the I930s, this course will explore the growth of Muslim nationalism in colonial India. Looking at sources from a variety of genres, including speeches, correspondence, memoirs and official documents, but also literature and popular culture, students will consider the nature of minority politics, the relationship of Muslim nationalism to other kinds of movements, including caste and regional ones, and the way in which the League came to represent a critique of nationalism or the nation-state itself. Given its links with pan-Islamism and the world outside India, Muslim politics in this period will be situated in the global context that emerged after the Second World War, and its engagement with communism and fascism in particular highlighted.

8 weekly tutorials or classes of 90 minutes will be offered, during the Hilary Term. In addition, each student will be required to write two tutorials essays during the term, and will receive individual feedback on their work.


List of examination essay questions (to become available at 12.00 noon on Friday of Eighth Week of Hilary Term)