Using Turnitin

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an electronic text matching system that can be used to find text matches between students' submitted work and existing electronic sources, including extensive databases of electronic articles, other student assignments, and the internet. It can be used either as an external service, or integrated with the submission of assignments in WebLearn. In both cases, student work is compared with the Turnitin database which grows by 120,000 to 200,000 papers per day.

Assignment Tool Integration

Turnitin is integrated with the WebLearn Assignments tool.

The advantages of using the Turnitin option from within WebLearn assignments are:

Using the WebLearn-TurnitinUK integration

When do I use Turnitin via the WebLearn Assignments tool and when do I use TurnitinUK directly?

Using the WebLearn-Turnitin integration

Using TurnitinUK

Add the Assignments tool to your site and tick the box for Turnitin integration

Use either the quick submit option, or the full class option

Students should already exist in the WebLearn site. If not, it is easy to add participants, by importing course groups from the central database

Staff member must create class and add students by registering their email addresses

Students use Oxford single sign on, which is familiar to them

Students need to make use of new, separate login details (tends to result in queries about lost login details)

Staff member must create assignment in the Assignments tool

Staff member must create assignment in Turnitin

Re-submissions are possible, but at this stage of the integration, only the first one will go through Turnitin

Re-submissions are possible; set it so that re-submissions by the same student before the closing date are not matched against each other

Other site maintainers, such as administrators and examiners can see the assignment and Originality Report, depending on permissions in the WebLearn site

Only the staff member (and students, if so specified) can see the assignment and Originality Report