Welcome to the Plagiarism Awareness Site for Staff

This site is designed to provide information for University of Oxford staff. There is a separate site for student support materials: Learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Our Services

IT Services provides help, support and one-to-one consultation for staff. This may include aspects of plagiarism prevention, use of Turnitin and its integration with Weblearn and Canvas.

The TurnitinUK 'direct' website is turnitinuk.com. You can log in with an instructor account and set up classes or use 'Quick Submit'. There is a companion site where you can find support and training materials.

To request a Turnitin instructor account or ask for other forms of support such as a personal consultation, please email: turnitin@it.ox.ac.uk.

Turnitin User Group site

The Oxford University Turnitin User Group has a WebLearn site to share information about Turnitin and its associated features (such as commenting and feedback to students). Members of the User Group include key users of Turnitin at department/division level. If you would like to represent your division or discipline, please join the Oxford University Turnitin User Group site.

The group has a mailing list: tii-community@weblearn.ox.ac.uk. Sending a message to this address will go to all members of the User Group (currently around 216 people across the University).


There is an active Turnitin @Oxford blog   where you can read all the lastest news about Turnitin at Oxford.