Medieval Studies (M.St.)

This nine-month interdisciplinary programme is aimed at students who wish to follow courses in more than one discipline in medieval studies, and who are keen to extend their skills. The degree is supported by several Faculties within the Humanities Division, demonstrating the University’s tremendous wealth of scholarship in the period. This degree equips students to draw on a variety of disciplinary approaches in their study of the Middle Ages. It places emphasis on language training as well as on the development of skills in palaeography and codicology. It also offers the opportunity to undertake the acquisition of a medieval language not previously studied.

The programme comprises:

In connection with the Interdisciplinary seminar, a special week of additional research activities takes place each year. A particular expert in interdisciplinary medieval studies is invited to give a plenary lecture and seminar and to conduct a workshop for graduate students. This is an exciting opportunity for current students to discuss their work with a distinguished visiting scholar. Recent guest lecturers have included Caroline Walker-Bynum, Barbara Newman, Christopher Page, Jeffrey Hamburger, and William Miller.

Further information on Option Papers

In the past some of the following options were available from the English Language and literature programme:

In the past some of the following options were available from the Medieval and Modern Languages programmes: