Social facilities

The Faculty building in George Street provides an opportunity for graduate historians to meet one another. The building, as well as providing premises for the Faculty Administration, contains seminar rooms, a lecture theatre, and a common room. It is open during the regular hours of the Library, and coffee, tea and biscuits are served in the morning and afternoon. 

History graduates are also welcome to use library and common room in the new Social Sciences Centre at Manor Road.

Historical research is often a rather solitary activity, and this can produce problems of despondency. Social activities are organized at various levels: college Graduate or 'Middle' Common Rooms are often lively places, and offer a good opportunity for meeting people in other disciplines. 

The University Club in Mansfield Road ( provides social and sporting facilities for employees, graduate students, alumnae and visitors. There is no fee for graduate members. The Oxford Union Society in St Michael's Street ( is more central and traditional. It offers not only a useful lending library, but also a dining room, games and television rooms, and a bar, but these are available to members only. Membership is by subscription. If you are interested you should make contact as soon as possible after you arrive in Oxford; substantial discounts are available for those joining early.