Opportunities for student feedback and suggestions

The Director of Graduate Studies will be pleased to hear any feedback or comments you have about your experience of being a graduate student with the History Faculty. Verbal, informal feedback is always welcome; more formalised feedback can be provided through:

Questionnaires on Faculty teaching

Questionnaires to provide feedback on lectures and classes are available from WebLearn. Questionnaires are also often handed out by lecturers at the end of lecture series, and students are encouraged to complete these and hand them to the lecturer before leaving the lecture room.

The Graduate Joint Consultative Committee

This Committee is intended to give graduate students an opportunity to contribute to the smooth running of graduate affairs, to raise points of grievance, suggest improvements, etc. 

Self-report form

The Graduate Studies Committee is under obligation to public bodies to monitor the progress of research students which are registered under the Faculty of History. It is naturally also in the interest of all its students if they are enabled, encouraged and supported in their task of completing their research thesis without significant delay. To that purpose, research students are expected to complete a report on their progress at the end of Hilary / start of Trinity Terms in their second year, usually the year after they have transferred to full M.Litt. or D.Phil. status. It is intended that this exercise should help students take stock of their progress at a median point in their research programmes. This also provides an opportunity for students to identify ways in which they think the Faculty might help them achieve their goals. The report will be placed on the student's GSS record.

Teaching experience

Graduates who are involved in teaching undergraduates under the guidance of a member of the Faculty are asked to provide a feedback report on their experience on a form which is available on-line, and which will be included in their student profile after it has been evaluated by their mentor.

The form is designed in such a way that it can be completed as an electronic document which you can save to your own disk. Your saved copy can then be forwarded to your mentor for completion as an e-mail attachment for completion.