Sources of advice and support

advice sought about:

who to go to:

admissions procedures;
formal degree requirements;
formal applications and procedures; examinations

History Graduate Office

taught course requirements or procedures

programme convenor/ non-routine enquiries are best checked with History Graduate Office

dispensation from requirements in university or faculty regulations

may consult Graduate Office for advice; application must be made by college to either Education Committee or Proctors as appropriate

fee liabilities, financial issues

college office/tutor for graduates; University's Fees Panel (financial matters) 

problems between student and supervisor, desire to have additional supervisor or co-supervisor

student should discuss with supervisor and/or college advisor in first instance, either student or supervisor may consult Board Interviewer, or History Graduate Office, or Director of Graduate Studies

identifying and addressing training needs

training self-assessment checklist, as basis for discussion with supervisor; training seminars and events are advertised by Faculty and Humanities Division

giving a seminar presentation

early discussion with supervisor, contact core seminar convenor to organise slot; core seminar convenors will usually offer a slot in late Hilary or Trinity terms

dissertation drafts; obtaining academic references

supervisor; possibly also additional advisor, Board Interviewer, core seminar convenor or college advisor

faculty policy in graduate matters

Graduate Office / Director of Graduate Studies
students: student representatives on joint consultative committee; supervisors: group meetings

Website, WebLearn

History Graduate Office / Coordinator of Graduate Studies

academic uncertainties, personal problems

supervisor, college advisor, History Graduate Office, Director of Graduate Studies

confidential personal problems

any of the above; college welfare officers; university counselling service 


college or faculty harassment advisors, university harassment panel 

complaints and appeals

teaching and training: Faculty procedures; examinations: Proctors procedures