Faculty of History  

Global and Imperial History (M.St.)

The Global and Imperial History programme offers a 9-month introduction to postgraduate research. It is open to all students wish to focus on the history of the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Australasia or the Americas (excluding the US), and who would like to explore global perspectives.  It can be taken either as a free-standing degree, or as the first step towards one of the research degrees of M.Litt. or D.Phil.

The programme encourages students to develop intellectual and practical familiarity with advanced research in the global history of the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Australasia, and the Americas (excluding the US).  Global and Imperial history in this context implies transoceanic and transcontinental connections, comparisons, and exchanges  between cultures, polities and societies. It also examines broad patterns and systems in history, whether religious, political, economic, cultural or ecological. Global history, in other words, is history with a global scope (often including European dimensions) that emphasizes comparative perspectives. It is not merely the self-contained history of places outside Europe. Students are not expected to master the histories of multiple regions, but to use a global approach to cast light on their own research area.

The course comprises: