Graduate-run seminars

Graduates are encouraged to supplement the faculty’s own reading groups and research seminars with seminars of their own, whether devoted to the discussion of work of common interest; the presentation of members’ own research, or discussion of the work of invited speakers. Commonly, several of these operate in any given year.


Graduates who plan to organise seminars may apply for a small contribution to speakers’ travel or entertainment costs from the faculty. Applications must be made to the faculty Teaching Committee by week 6 of the preceding term: see for instructions and an application form.

Publicising seminars

Graduate-run seminars may be advertised on faculty noticeboards. To have information displayed in the Faculty, send your notice to the History Graduate Office (or

The existence of a seminar or its programme for the term may be publicised via the Faculty's Lecture List or Lectures and Seminars webpage.

To provide more regular updates: any graduate student may create their own electronic mailing list (see

To make supplementary material available to seminar members you could either create a document folder in you WebLearn Workspace to which you give either the seminar members or the public access. Alternatively, especially if yours is a long-term project, it would be possible to create a dedicated room in the Faculty's Graduate Section of WebLearn which successive seminar organisers may use for current and archived information. If you wish to have such a ‘virtual room’ for your seminar, contact For general information about how to create and use resources on Weblearn (whether by self-tuition from on-line information, or by attending an OUCS course), see