Binding and depositing of master's dissertations and M.Litt. and D.Phil. theses

Final dissertations for one-year master's programmes

All dissertations have to be bound. For the M.Sc. and M.St. degrees, hard bindings are not necessary, as these dissertations are not deposited in the Bodleian Library (except in the case of dissertations for the M.St. in History of Art and Visual Culture which are on the recommendation of the examiners deposited in the Sackler Library). All that is required is some sort of binding that makes the dissertation easy for examiners to handle, i.e., that keeps the pages together and allows the dissertation to be opened easily. The cheaper forms of soft binding, such as thermal binding or (with reservations) comb binding, are in most cases perfectly adequate; loose leaves held together by paper clips, however, are certainly not acceptable at all.Master's dissertations approved by the examiners may be voluntarily deposited electronically with the Oxford Research Archive (ORA).

Dissertations for two-year master's programmes and theses for research degrees

One copy of every M.Phil. dissertation and M.Litt. or D.Phil. thesis is deposited in the Bodleian Library after a successful examination. This copy must incorporate all the corrections the examiners may have required, and must be in a permanently fixed binding, drilled and sewn, in a stiff board case in library buckram, in a dark colour, and lettered on the spine with the candidate’s name and initials, the degree, and the year of submission. Library copies of M.Litt. and D.Phil. theses are to be handed in (for the attention of the Research Degree Examination Office) at the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BG, and must be accompanied by completed and signed consultation (either GSO.3a or GSO.3b) and cataloguing (GSO.26) forms. (M.Phil. dissertations, also accompanied by these forms, should be submitted direct to the Bodleian Special Collections section.) Doctoral students admitted since October 2007 are in addition required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the Oxford Research Archive (ORA). – You are warned that leave to supplicate is conditional upon delivery of the library copy of your thesis and that you may not proceed to take your degree until this has been done.

If you are out of the country when the time comes to submit the library copy of your thesis, you may find it convenient to arrange printing and binding remotely. The following website may be of help: Your College may also have advice in this regard: you will need to get in touch with them anyway to organise graduation, schedules for which are completely in the hands of colleges.


Students registering from 1st October 2007 and following D.Phil.,M.Litt. and M.Sc. (by Research) programmes must deposit both a print copy of their thesis in the library AND an electronic copy in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA).  This development of deposit and, where appropriate, access to a digital copy is in line with activities in other HE institutions in the UK and internationally.