Sources and Resources

The course attempts two main tasks:
First, to help students identify and gain basic familiarity with key sources and resources relevant to their specialist research period. Students will be encouraged to explore sources and resources relating to various European nations, insofar as their language skills allow.
Second, to increase students’ awareness of the intellectual dimension of research practice. Students will be encouraged to reflect on the ways in which research resources and practices have developed through time, on the circumstances and intentions which have shaped their character, and on the challenges and opportunities which they therefore present to users.

The structure of the course reflects the aim of encouraging learning through practice and discussion: odd-week plenary presentations, jointly run by academics and librarians, will be followed by even-week, period-specific classes, for which students will complete short exercises, and in which academics will coordinate discussion. All students must attend appropriate Library/IT introductory sessions on Weds and Thurs of 0th week: material covered in those sessions will not be covered again in this course.