Core programme in Medieval Studies

(programme convenor: Dr Helen Swift)

The core courses for this programme consist of a research methods workshop in Michaelmas and Hilary terms, that is, a series of classes designed to address issues encountered by researchers in medieval studies at master's level, but also intended to be responsive to and shaped by student concerns.

This includes a compulsory Interdisciplinary seminar to be held in Hilary Term on a theme to be chosen by the convenor. This seminar will be scheduled as part of the long-established Medieval Church and Culture seminar series. The seminar will stress the different but complementary approaches to medieval sources offered by different disciplines.

Finally, all candidates participate in a day conference to be held in Trinity Term. Students will present work in progress on their dissertations to each other and to tutors.

Advance reading for interdisciplinary research methods

Forthcoming and past Interdisciplinary Seminars

Candidates are also expected to participate in compulsory language classes in each of the three terms, chosen from a variety of possibilities normally including (Medieval) Latin; Old English; Old Norse; Old French; Old Occitan; Old High German; Middle High German; Old Irish; Middle Welsh; Greek; Hebrew; Arabic. The language selected should normally be closely related to the student’s work.

Candidates are required to attend Paleography/Codicology classes in one of the participating Faculties [English, or History (Medieval Latin), or Medieval and Modern Languages, or Byzantine Greek]. Depending on the language chosen this subject will be studied either in Michaelmas or in Hilary terms, or in some cases over both terms, and the assessment method and submission deadlines will be those of the chosen course.