Language Paper

The language paper will be taught over three terms, covering Hindi (or Urdu, or Persian, or Bengali, or Tibetan, or Sanskrit) language and literature. (Not all language options will be available every year.)


Language teaching will be provided by one or more of the following staff in the Faculty of Oriental Studies:

Professor Edmund Herzig                 Soudavar Professor in Persian

Dr Dominic Brookshaw                     University Lecturer in Persian

Dr Sima Orsini                                   Instructor in Persian

Dr Imre Bangha                                 Lecturer in Hindi

Ulrike Roesler                                    Lecturer in Tibetan

Dr James Benson                              Lecturer in Sanskrit

Professor Christopher Minkowski     Boden Professor of Sanskrit

Teaching pattern: 5 hours per week of classes during Michaelmas term, followed by 3 hours a week during Hilary and Trinity.