History and Culture of South Asia

(class leader: Professor Polly O'Hanlon and Dr Faisal Devji)

This methodology class aims to introduce students to some of the core issues in modern South Asian history, and to some of the major debates in the historiography of South Asia. It covers issues such as the nature and impact of imperial rule, the meaning of caste, the nature and role of India’s religious traditions, issues of gender, the idea and reality of Indian nationalism, and debates focussing on Orientalism and History ‘from below’/ ‘Subaltern History’.

Twelve two-hourly classes will be offered, during the eight weeks of Michaelmas and the first four weeks of Hilary terms. During the course, each student will be required to write tutorial essays for the Core Course, and will receive individual feedback on their work.


Language teaching

List of examination essay questions (to become available at 12.00 noon on Friday of Fourth Week of Hilary Term)