Crises of the Indian Republic, 1977-2008

(class leader: Dr Faisal Devji)
Hilary Term
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This course will explore the history and character of India’s democracy by focussing on the way it has been shaped by a number of constitutional and other crises. These include struggles over executive power, separatism, caste reservations, a uniform civil code and religious nationalism. Each of these critical events will be examined through a variety of primary and secondary sources, as well as from more than one disciplinary perspective, to provide a rich and complex understanding of India’s democracy in action. From the narratives of high politics to ethnographic description and popular culture, students will have the opportunity to engage with the logic and contradictions of the defining events in India’s independent history.

Class (weekly)
Eight weekly tutorials or classes of 90 minutes will be offered, during Hilary Term.

In addition, each student will normally be required to write two tutorial essays during the term, and will receive individual feedback on their work.


List of examination essay questions (to become available at 12.00 noon on Friday of Eighth Week of Hilary Term)