Vocabulary Exercises for Colloquial Czech (Routledge, 2011)

For each Unit there are two webpages (only one for the Pronunciation section).
The first covers the Dialogues and Readings.
The second contains further lists derived from the Language Points.

Unit One Unit One - more Unit Nine Unit Nine - more
Unit Two Unit Two - more Unit Ten Unit Ten - more
Unit Three Unit Three - more Unit Eleven Unit Eleven - more
Unit Four Unit Four - more Unit Twelve Unit Twelve - more
Unit Five Unit Five - more Unit Thirteen Unit Thirteen - more
Unit Six Unit Six - more Unit Fourteen Unit Fourteen - more
Unit Seven Unit Seven - more Unit Fifteen Unit Fifteen - more
Unit Eight Unit Eight - more Unit Sixteen Unit Sixteen - more

Exercises for the Previous Edition (Routledge, 1999)

These are still largely relevant, as the vocabulary overall has not changed very much.
The exercises were written with Hot Potatoes.

Lesson 1 Lesson 10
Lesson 2 Lesson 11
Lesson 3 Lesson 12
Lesson 4 Lesson 13
Lesson 5 Lesson 14
Lesson 6 Lesson 15
Lesson 7 Lesson 16
Lesson 8 Lesson 17
Lesson 9 Lesson 18

More Vocabulary Exercises -- Themes

Barvy Numbers
Days Numbers 2
Months Zodiac