Societies and Economies in India, c. 1600-1800

(class leader: Dr Ryan Perkins)

This paper will cater to students whose main interest lies in South Asia's early modern, rather than its colonial history. The paper will pay particular attention to India's economic dynamism in the centuries before the coming of colonialism, and the way in which the imperial and regional states of the subcontinent encouraged and facilitated openness to increasingly global networks of trade and cultural exchange. New and mobile classes of scribal specialists, bankers, merchant and military entrepreneurs played a key role in opening the states and societies of the subcontinent up to these new forces of early globalisation. Students will be encouraged to consider how far South Asia developed in these centuries some of the attributes of 'modernity' usually associated only with the coming of colonialism.

8 weekly tutorials or classes of 90 minutes will be offered, during the Hilary Term. In addition, each student will be required to write two tutorials essays during the term, and will receive individual feedback on their work.


List of examination essay questions (to become available at 12.00 noon on Friday of Eighth Week of Hilary Term)