Coxe MS. 15
Commissio of Andrea Gritti, Doge of Venice, to Bernardino Tagliapietra as Count of Šibenik, in Latin and Italian

[Venice, 1523]


 Robert Hooke's Micrographia
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The first page of the manuscript is lavishly illuminated with, at the bottom, the arms of Bernardino Tagliapietra flanked by his initials 'B. T.'; at the top the symbol of Venice and the Evangelist Mark, the winged lion holding a book; and to the right is St Bernardino, Tagliapietra's name-saint. The first three lines of text in capital letters on a gold background at the top of this page name Andrea Gritti, Doge (1523-38) of the Venetians, and the first two lines of the main text in italic script name Bernardino Taiapiera (Venetian dialect for Tagliapietra, Italian for 'stone-cutter') in red capitals.

It survives in its original binding.

The manuscript is dated 'in nostro Ducali Palatio Die iij decembris ... M. D. xxiij.' i.e. 'in our Doge's Palace on the 3rd day of December ... 1523' (fol.28v; cf. fol.21r), and signed by the notary Petrus Grasolarius.

Like MSS. 9 and 13, this volume was bequeathed to the College by Richard Warner of Woodford Row, Essex, in 1775.

Text kindly provided, especially for this exhibition, by Peter Kidd