Comoediae (1482) followed by MS copy (16th c.?) of Practica Rhetorica of Gosbinus, in 9 books

Plautus, Comoediae

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Printed in upright Roman font. Spaces are left for poem and book initials, with small guide letters: alternating blue and red capitals have been executed throughout (incl. Gosbinus). Note especially the illuminated initial for Amphitryo (the previous page has a list of contents, with folio numbers added by annotator); both line-initials and markers of change of speaker have been flashed in red. There are marginalia in a secretary hand on many pages of the Plautus, offering variants and explications; Miles Gloriosus is particularly heavily annotated (note the 'manicule' on f. 131r, e.g.). Many of the MS folio numbers have been trimmed.

Of Gosbinus I know nothing, and neither apparently does the internet! An inserted ms note describes him as 'per Brabantiam et Lymburgiam Cancellarius', and says the work was finished at Brussels in 1460.

Text kindly provided, especially for this exhibition, by Stephen Heyworth