Opera omnia (1516), vol.3

Ovid, Opera omnia

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This volume contains Fasti, Tristia, Epistulae ex Ponto, Ibis, and the (apparently inauthentic) Consolatio ad Liuiam; before Fasti are placed the star calendar of Ptolemy and various versions of the Roman calendar, as extracted from the fragments of inscriptions and the text itself. There is no line-numbering or commentary. Spaces are left for poem and book initials, with small guide letters: no initials executed.

Printed in the beautiful Italic font based on the script of the calligrapher Bartolomeo Sanvito and Pomponio Leto, founder of the Roman Academy.

Fasti has some manuscript annotation, e.g. 'co(m)p.' (i.e. comparatio) beside 3.556 amisso dubiae rege uagantur apes (of the Carthaginians after Dido's death); similarly 'translatio' by 4.10 nunc teritur nostris area maior equis; 'gradatio' by 3.21 Mars uidet hanc uisamq; cupit potiturq; cupita [note standard ms abbreviations of que persist]; and by 3.102 Graecia, facundum sed male forte genus, 'Gr(a)eci non animos[i]/ sed prudentes. Cic./ in 2. tuscul. quis[?]' [ref. to Tusc. 2.65].

Text kindly provided, especially for this exhibition, by Stephen Heyworth