Orationes (1534, first printed 1513)

Isocrates, Orationes

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  By the 1510s, Aldus' monopoly of Greek printed books was coming to an end; other presses were starting to produce important Greek editions, and Aldus began to cut corners both in the time and expense dedicated to his volumes. Nonetheless, he continued to produce a steady stream of editiones principes, notable among which is the three-volume folio Rhetores Graeci of 1513, including first editions of Isokrates, Andokides, Isaios, Gorgias' Helen and others. Wadham has a second edition of the Isokrates from 1534; this is still an attractive book, but the great age of early Greek printing is clearly at an end.  
Text kindly provided, especially for this exhibition, by Peter Thonemann